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CWG Wellness Workshops

CWG is offering a Yoga Workshop Series as of 2023!

Yoga at CWG offers a unique blend of insight-oriented therapy paired with yoga. Space is limited to 6 participants per workshop. Each workshop is facilitated by Holly Zager, LISW-S, RYT 200. Please bring a mat, water, journal and pen.

Workshops are $135 or $250 for two workshops.

Email Libby at to register. 

YOGA for Anxiety  3/18/23  10 am - 12 pm 

-Learn pranayama (breathing) techniques - which is essential to all yoga practice, and the key to feeling grounded.  

-Learn Dhyana (meditation)  - to teach you how to free yourself from swirling thoughts causing anxiety. 

-Learn to use yoga as a moving meditation, with particular attention on how to take your practice off your mat and into your life. 

-Learn new restorative yoga poses using props to ease the mind and allow for rest. 

YOGA for Mood 4/29/23  10 am - 12 pm 

-Incorporate breathing and meditation techniques to calm the nervous system. Move through yoga poses mindfully, to stay centered and present. Release your mind from those thoughts which are unhelpful to your wellness.

-Learn to take note of how your yoga practice mirrors how you move through your life. Push into some discomfort both physically and emotionally to learn more about your potential. 

-Realize the importance of self-compassion and learn new ways to give oneself more love.

YOGA for Grief 5/20/23  10 am - 12 pm 

-Incorporate mindfulness techniques to calm the nervous system and create balance.

-Find connection to yourself, who has felt somewhat lost since your loved one passed.

-Find connection to your loved one through meditation and movement. 

-Find connection in a community that shares a heavy heart.

-Learn the importance of movement to challenge feeling stagnant.

In the works....

Malas and Meditation with Birdie & Libby - date TBD

Take time to rest and reset by making a mala and diving into deep meditation.

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(Re)Store Your Core with Dr. Jackie Meathe, PT, DPT 

Saturday, May 6th 10 am - 12 pm

(Re)store Your Core is an interactive workshop created for women who want to learn about their body and focuses on taking control of your body for optimal function. This course will dive deep into what our core really is, how to optimize it’s function for daily activity and workouts, and provide a guided exercise program on how to restore, strengthen, and awaken it’s abilities for reduced back pain, urinary control with jumping and sneezing, and priming your body to (re)start an exercise regime.

(Re)Store Your Core is for anyone and everyone with a cis female body regardless of pregnancy/birthing history. Postpartum mommies are highly encouraged to attend. 

Email Jackie at to register

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