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Jackie Meathe, DPT

Physical Therapist, Owner

Dr. Jackie Meathe, DPT is passionate about treating patients through a holistic lens utilizing physical therapy as means to reduce pain, restore function, and promote an optimal lifestyle of health and wellness. She treats each patient with a multifaceted approach drawing interventions from her passion of yoga and functional anatomy to promote safe muscular strengthening, joint mobility, pain reduction, body awareness, and fascial release. She believes no human fits one algorithm and tailored interventions are essential. Jackie’s collaborative approach with her patient’s creates a safe space for patients to feel supported and heard; where healing happens and goals are met. 


Dr. Jackie has been practicing in the field of physical therapy for eight years.  Her passion is working with motivated adults who are looking to reduce pain and relieve mobility limitations caused by a variety of conditions. She earned her doctorate at Cleveland State University after her undergraduate degree in athletic training from University of Pittsburgh. 


When not treating patients she enjoys practicing yoga, exercising, rock climbing, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog Lloyd. 

Please contact J.Meathe@cawgrp.com for rates and scheduling.