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Jackie Meathe, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, Owner

The Counseling and Wellness Group has partnered with PhysioFit & Wellness! Now clients can seek emotional and physical healing services in one location.


Dr. Jackie Meathe, PT, DPT is passionate about treating clients through a holistic lens utilizing physical therapy as a means to reduce pain, restore function, and promote an optimal lifestyle of health and wellness. Through years of practice, Jackie has identified the benefits of incorporating manual therapy into her treatments to optimize healing in her clients. She utilizes joint mobilizations and soft tissue release with dry needling and cupping, in addition to client education to promote clients’ understanding of proper body mechanics, anatomy, and individual restrictions. Dry Needling is a technique utilized by physical therapists that uses a needle to stimulate muscles for a healing response. The term “dry needling” comes from the fact that no injected liquids are used in this technique.  Dry needling can improve overall circulation in your muscles to allow for better healing and decrease pain, either from over use (chronic) or a traumatic event (acute).  

Jackie believes no human fits one algorithm and tailored interventions are essential. Jackie’s collaborative approach with her clients creates a safe space for clients to feel supported and heard; where healing happens and goals are met. 


Jackie has been practicing in the field of physical therapy for eight years.  Her passion is working with motivated adults who are looking to reduce pain and relieve mobility limitations caused by a variety of conditions. She earned her doctorate at Cleveland State University after her undergraduate degree in athletic training from University of Pittsburgh. 


When not treating patients she enjoys practicing yoga, exercising, rock climbing, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog Lloyd. 

Call 330.331.2188 ext 708 or email to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Dr Jackie

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